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On-demand personal training & health coaching designed to fit into your lifestyle.

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Simply log on at any time from anywhere and instantly experience truly unique live 1-to-1 or small group coaching like never before. In 90 seconds!

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Want to achieve results quickly and safely? Try a personalised exercise & nutrition plan. This is where it gets really interesting!


Integrated Exercise + Nutrition Plans
  • Unprecedented access to a team of experts
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Who It's For

  • Looking to achieve specific goals such as losing unwanted fat, toning up, getting stronger or fitter for a particular sport or event, or simply want to feel and perform better
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  • Looking to improve performance through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism whilst providing a truly personalised health & wellbeing benefit for its people
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As a Mum of 3 and trainer it is difficult to fit in my own exercise let alone training other people. With this easy to use app I get to do both from the comfort of my own home without having to worry about childcare
StephanieBusy Mum
I've literally shaved 30 seconds off my minute/km running time by cross-training with we:bo. It's like Uber for Personal Training... find the available trainers, click 'train' and you're in a one-on-one session with a top quality PT in 90 seconds.
BrandonAvid Runner
we:bo has got me exercising regularly for the first time in 3 years! Easy to click and do.
KarenFitness Newbie

About Us and Our Friends

We’re a community of super passionate people trying to make exercising and eating well easier for busy people.

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Its new. We’re testing a few things out. There will be questions. By being an early user, you get to help us shape what it becomes as well as get early access to some exclusive events and content.

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