By Paul Parry – Husband, Father, Health Coach at we:bo




Working out at home is the perfect option for many people. It’s convenient, less time consuming, cheaper, more comfortable and has added privacy. But…

Where do you start? Are you doing the exercises correctly? Will you achieve your goals? How hard are you going to work?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, it sounds like you may need a little help to get moving in the right direction. Step forward your very own on-demand we:bo personal health coach.

You we:bo personal health coach is here to:

  • Listen to you
  • Challenge you
  • Help you achieve your goals

How a we:bo health coach will do this?

  • Teach you the basics
  • Tailor a personalised programme for you
  • Set clear goals and ambitious but achievable targets
  • Give you advice on what to eat and why
  • Keep your workouts varied and fun
  • Keep your training fresh with new ideas and methods
  • Push you harder than you push yourself
  • Teach you to workout on your own
  • Train with you if you want
  • Motivate you
  • Customise your workouts in real time to meet your specific needs and energy levels at that time

There is no reason for you to go through the stress of having to think through what type of exercise you need to do, deal with the mental battle of getting motivated, and the palaver of packing your bag, travelling to the gym, training, showering, travelling…

Instead you simply click three times. Select your session type, length and find a trainer. 90 seconds later you’ll be training and in as little as 25 minutes you can be showered, changed and ready to get on with your day with an awesome workout in the bag.

Take the hard work out of the… well… hard work!

To get some simple advice on how to get started or take your training to the next level, get in touch.


Paul Parry – Husband, Father, Head Coach at we:bo

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  1. sanjeev

    Wise words Paul Parry! Allows you to ask questions, which allow you to keep learning. That’s what keeps it fun and engaging and keeps us happy!

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